Frequently Asked Questions

Every week we will release some of the best landing pages from our collection. Some of the basic questions about this temaplates are discussed below!

Startup Landing templates are built with React, Next JS,Gatsby JS. So some knowledge on React, Next or Gatsby will be helpful to start with. Please follow our documentation for the requirements and installation.

Yes, You can use this template for your Learning process. The coding structure is made easy for our customers. We also provided some built in components to our customers for easy understanding.

You can contact us with facebook chat for any kind of query. For premium support, Contact us with your detailed information.

We have made the deployment process clean and simple. You can deploy the landing pages with in vercel or any other platform with some easy process. Please follow the Documentation.

Every week, we will publish a new demo on different niches. Stay Subscribed to get the latest update weekly.

Please read our license page carefully for that. You can use the template for both personal use and commercial use, but you can not resell the template.

No, the html and css versions are not availble. We will not make the html versions in near future.

Look, credits are optional. All the landing pages are free. But, it will be great if you give some credits to this awesome work and just tell your friends about it and keep sharing the good work. Remember the name 'Startup Landing'!